When importing a container of goods from overseas, there is a set of processes that must be followed from the moment the cargo ships dock to getthe goods it carries to their destinations.

After arrival, the container is then transported to a safe and appropriate place to unpack. The inspection of the goods and the container then begins.

If there are no requirements for quarantine, the Container Unpack Inspections Brisbane is then taken to a safe site where it can be unpacked ready for distribution delivery.

Inspection benefits

At any Customs, this inspection of cargo and containers is essential to prevent and identify the entry of illicit objects into the country. However, it is more than just that segment that can benefit from implementing solutions for large and/or bulk inspection.

For an enterprise, having more control over incoming and outgoing materials can help prevent misplacement, theft, and other losses. In fact, cargo inspection is not only relevant but even mandatory in certain cases.

There is also the importance of cargo inspection, industry legislation regarding safety security and inspection.

Importance of cargo inspection

In many sectors, volume supervision is very important. At airports, for example, controlling the entry of hazardous materials into bags and luggage is one of the essential security causes practices for protecting

The main reasons why it is crucial to inspect the cargo is to ensure the safety of the people and the transport facilities. Here they are.


One of the most obvious reasons for inspecting boxes and other volumes is all related tht deals with security reasons.

As it is, it is necessary to prevent the entry of weapons and dangerous objects. This can compromise the integrity employees and visitors. The inspection also helps protect the organization from receiving illicit materials such as smuggled goods and drugs.

Cargo control is essential to reduce the risks to the company which might impair its operations. It can also cause complications with the law/legislation. and can cause serious damage to the company’s reputation.


It is important to have control of cargo entering the company. Even more important is the outgoing movement. Investing in inspection and safety/security procedures and devices can prevent malicious people from carryingout items illegally.

Likewise, checkingvolumes leaving warehouses and storage centers enhances the company’s control over its inventory. The bottom line lies in the importance of implementing checking practices.

One is knowing that what has been described in the packing list match those in the outgoing boxes.

Allowing logistic optimization

Another advantage is that the use of an X-ray inspection equipment avoid mismanagement in the logistics process. One example is the delivery of damaged goods to consumers.

Many times, it is impossible to detect if defective products have already been packaged and are ready to be sold.After the box is closed, only the end consumer or end-user will open the box. It is hard & difficult to identify where and when the damage happens.

One way to prevent broken or damaged products from leaving the premises is placing an appropriate previous inspection by X-ray verification system at the factory or distribution centers.

X-ray usage

The use of X-ray equipment to optimize cargo inspection has been in practice for some time at ports and airports. It has been expanded especially by fears of attacks, illicit substance trafficking, and other criminal actions.

From the 1970s onwards, it was possible to observe the development of scanners for other areas and places. These include borders, tax barriers, motorways, customs control, public buildings, concert halls, world events, festivals, sports stadiums or in locations with high density of people.

Nowadays, the devices designed to inspect different sizes of loads are well known and available. While some carry small volumes – as in mail centers – others are able to check entire containers and lorries within minutes.

Getting inside videos

These devices have the great advantage of allowing videos of what is inside the package without opening it. Thus, it is possible to identify the contents of any parcel. This reduces the risk of threats or sometimes, it can detect cargo damage quickly.

It is still possible to view the different metallic objects inside containers (X-rays cannot penetrate metallic objects) through the colors that appears on the monitor.

Each type of material – organic or inorganic or mixed – can still be identified by their colors. Inspectors can easily identify weapons, explosives, drugs, sharp objects and others.

This equipment is safe and is regulated by the local authorities. the purpose is to keep things safe and does not endanger the heath of the operators involved in the inspection process.



X-ray inspection equipment does not have radioactive material to radiate for the inspection process. There is no organic source of radiations such as uranium, cobalt, cesium, etc.

radiation source.

The radiation of an X-ray scanner is by electricity – and exclusive and solely at the time of inspection. At this moment, the acceleration of electrons occurs and the electrical energy is transformed into an X-ray beam. When the operation ceases the power is disconnected.

In addition to the radiation exposure time being very low, the equipment is highly lead insulated and authorized by atomic agencies and local authorities. Thus, it is safe and has zero risks of radioactive contamination by leakage, or the operation of the scanner.

Authorized technology

Today’s X-ray technology is so effective that, by law, the local Revenue Services now requires inspection of cargo passing through ports, airports and border points.

The customs areas have containers and pallets are inspected to ensure that imported products re properly taxed. this also prevents such illicit goods like narcotics from entering the country.

In earlier times, verification was done by physical checking by random sampling. Some volumes of each container were chosen to be opened and inspected.

As a result, the procedure could take hours before it was resealed and packaged and released.

Although the breakage of the locking seal of a container is still allowed for law enforcement inspection and load review, the intrusive verification is more effective and much less time-consuming.

With supporting legislation, every terminal – whether public or private – must have X-ray technology to enhance cargo security.

This technology can and is also important for organizationsfor inspection use in various areas. In conclusion, inspection solutions can help your business as it did government agencies.

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