You have written a good piece, yet you found zero readers. Why? Most of you will give up and will not want to go through the write-up to find the mistakes. Apparently, things might look good, but if you look closely, you might find some missing sentences or words that were enough to make readers leave the blog.

While many of you feel that you have explained everything perfectly, the transitions and the flow are enough to ruin your efforts. Students have difficulty arranging things properly and, consequently, fail to craft perfect essays. As Elizabeth George wrote in her book ‘Write Away’, “Knowledge is power, technique is glory,” you need to understand and focus on the writing techniques.

The essay flow plays a major role in the entire essay writing process. Yet, most students fail to understand how to maintain a logical flow. In this blog, I will share some tips to help you improve your essay flow.

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Read on to learn the best ways of writing essays and grab readers’ attention.

  1. Write things down first

Most students make the mistake of going in blindly. Students feel that getting things under control will be easy after they start writing, but the reality is completely different. Organising things is key to maintaining a logical flow in essays. Hence, when you start writing, ensure you have a list with all the points you are about to discuss in the essay.

It helps you organise your thoughts and maintain a logical flow of information. You need to ensure that readers are not taken aback after they complete reading a paragraph and go to the next one. Hence, write things down and organise things before you start writing.

  • Logical connections

Would you like to read anything that makes you go back to the first sentence to understand what it is all about over and over again? Definitely not. You also need to ensure that the essay you write connects the dots properly. Each paragraph must end with a transition sentence that leads to the next paragraph. The aim of a writer is to keep the readers glued to the text till the end of the write-up.

So, if you are writing about Argentina’s win in the FIFA World Cup and use references to the U-19 World Cup, readers will not be interested to read it. Sticking to the topic and using transition sentences will help you grab the readers’ attention and make them interested to read the entire text.

  • Topic sentences

What the paragraph is all about? How is it different from the previous ones? These questions need to be answered in essays. Topic sentences aim at conveying the focus of the paragraph to the readers. It is crucial to ensure that readers understand what they are about to learn from the paragraph and how it is different from the ones they have already read.

Topic sentences add a lot of value to essays and help maintain a logical flow. Generally, these are the first sentences of each paragraph. If you look at the questions I used at the beginning of this paragraph, you will realise how I touched the points you are going to learn in this paragraph. Try using the same in your essays to maintain a logical flow.

  • Transition words

If you have read essays written by professionals, you will come across words like ‘however’, ‘additionally’, etc. These are generally termed transition words. As the name suggests, these words help readers understand the different ideas you are willing to place in an essay. You have come across transition sentences previously, but you need to know how to use them in your essay.

An effective way of doing it is with repetition. Consider repeating key terms or phrases you used at the beginning of your paragraph. It will help you create a connection and help readers connect the dots when they go through the essay. These also help create a bridge between points and give the essay meaning.

  • Clear, concise wording

No one likes reading things that are unclear. It is crucial to make things clear and concise for the readers. The words you choose play a crucial role in the entire process. Students make the mistake of writing obvious things like, ‘online education is a web-based education system where teachers and students are not face-to-face with each other.’ Refrain from using such things in your essay. Understand that the readers are not illiterate and can understand what online education means.

You need to keep things clear and concise. Keep things to the point. Diverting away from the topic just to explain an already known term will not add value to your essay. As essays play a pivotal role in your overall grades, you need to be good with all the aspects of writing essays. Consider paying attention to the minute details before putting your step forward.

  • Consistency

There are instances where students start with a tone and end up using another as they move forward. It is crucial to be consistent throughout the essay to maintain a logical flow. You need to follow a particular tone and be consistent with it throughout the essay. As essays are sometimes more than 500 words, there is a chance for students to get diverted from the things they are using in the essay.

As consistency is an important criterion in the essay, it is crucial to follow the same if you want to maintain a logical flow in the essay. You will not expect readers to be surprised with the tone when they move from one paragraph to another. It is wise to go through essays written by professionals to learn how to write one.


Essay writing is an essential skill that students need to work on for a better future. However, most students refrain from writing one. The reason is their inability to write on all topics and lack of understanding of the correct methods of writing one. Maintaining a logical flow is one of the crucial factors for writing essays. You need to understand the correct ways to do so and work on the essays accordingly.

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