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6 Amazing and Unique Things to Do in Memphis

The city is the “Home of the Blues” and the “Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” There are many activities for children in Memphis. There’s tasty food to be eaten, sights to see, and heritage to study. We spent three days in Memphis, Tennessee, exploring.

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Unique Things to Do in Memphis:

1. National Civil Rights Museum

The Museum is excellent. The museum looks into the civil rights movement that took place in Memphis and across America. It is also connected to the Lorrain Hotel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Explore Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and view a Rosa Parks statue on a replica bus while learning about the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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There are also many interactive exhibitions. You stroll through the Lorraine Motel at the end of the self-guided tour to visit room 306. That’s the balcony where we were shot.

2. Shop Pyramid

If your children watch Dude Ideal, you’ve probably seen this Bass Pro Store. It’s a massive pyramid. It’s impossible to miss from the highway. Within, it is a Bass Pro Store in addition to a tank with fish and crocodiles. The store is enormous and also serves as a hotel! Yes, you can spend the night in a Bass Pro Shop. We did not do that. To go up, you must pay per passenger. It costs roughly $10 per person, with children being less expensive. You stand in line, pay for the view, and board the glass lift to the top.

3. Visit A Park

Did you know Memphis has a playground that has been one of the “16 Coolest Playgrounds in the World”?  Shelby Fields Park, decided as the best by Brain Floss Magazine, is a park for people of every age and skill level in the centre of Memphis. Shelby Farms Park is much more than just a playground – though the playground is worth a look! In the warmer summers, they also have a Water Play Sprayground for the youngsters to enjoy. There includes a water tunnel, interactive spray jets, and other features to keep you cool. 

4. Mud Island

When we arrived on the riverbank, we discovered Mud Island and went to investigate. We got at Mud Beach and stopped. The island’s major attraction was a showcase of the rivers that run throughout this part of the nation. It was a fascinating show that was held on ground level and spanned a large area. It was formerly filled with water? The island itself was run-down and appeared to have seen better days. There was also a park at the further end of the island. You could tell the place had seen better days. 

5. Pink Palace Museum

The Pink Palace Mansion Museum is the place to go to learn about Memphis’s history. This millionaire’s mansion turned museum is a one-of-a-kind Memphis destination. You will see a duplicate Piggly Wiggly Store retail area as well as architectural treasures from the historical period, including exquisite stained-glass windows and elaborate architecture along the staircases. 

6. Children’s Museum of Memphis

The Children’s Museum of Memphis has been providing fascinating educational and entertaining experiences to the Memphis area for nearly 30 years. This is a terrific place to take kids of all ages while seeking for things to do in Memphis with kids. When you first arrive, the Grand Carousel at the main door will catch your eye. The carousel was recently restored to its full 1909 splendour. Although admission is an extra $3, it’s a fantastic addition to the Children’s Museum. The Memphis Children’s Museum offers programmed such as weekly Storytime and science experiments. 

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