The People Also Ask tool is one of the new advantages offered by the Google search engine so that your website gains notoriety on the first page and maximizes its SEO possibilities.

Although this feature was launched in 2015, first in the United States and then in the rest of the world, even today it represents a great unknown for many users and especially for business owners who want to take advantage of all the advantages offered by structured data from SERPs.

In this article, we will talk about the people also ask fragments, what benefits it brings for the web positioning of your business, some tips that allow you to appear in this section and even some plugins that can help you with this or other structured data from your blog .

What is people also ask?

Are results that appear in the Google search engine, almost always below the first organic result of a query?

Actually, what this type of result is looking for is to give the appropriate answer for the query that the user made in a few clicks.

Why did Google create the people also ask feature?

Starting in 2012, the Google Company changed, eliminating the concept of a search engine and transforming itself into a knowledge engine.

The idea of ​​its creators is that Chrome is not only a place of passage between what the user wants and the page where he gets it, but that it becomes a huge reference library that directly answers the visitor’s questions.

This, instead of becoming a limitation to obtain visits, what it has achieved is to increase the flow of new readers towards the web pages that answer a certain question in the most complete way possible.

Thus, managing to position websites whose SEO is very poor, although their content is of high quality for human beings, who ultimately are the ones who want to please search engines.

Main advantages of appearing in the people also ask.

According to a study carried out by the company SEMrush in 2020, there are many advantages offered by appearing in the search results associated with the people also ask area or related questions, but the most prominent are:

  • 50% of Internet searches return a list of related questions.
  • Unlike featured snippets, appearing in this question section does not detract from your ranking in the top 3 organic results. That is, you can appear 2 times on the first page of the search engine.
  • You get greater visibility for your brand and sometimes you can even position yourself as an expert on a subject, depending on the quality of your response.
  • It is a way to improve the On-Page SEO strategies of your website, because you must meet certain requirements to appear in this section of the search engine.
  • You will be able to increase direct traffic to your website, because it will be counted as a visit from the search engine.

Optimization tips to appear in people also ask.

We already said that this type of result is a much easier way to position yourself in the first places of the search engine, but that does not mean that you do not have to apply SEO strategies.

Among the parameters that you will have to respect to increase your chances of being a related question, are the following:

Take advantage of the semantic web:

You must enrich your answers and not only by using the keyword that gives rise to the question, but by using other terms that provide a better context for the use of said keyword by the user.

Doing this will ensure that the snippet that appears in the questions is really useful to the reader, which will rank you higher in Google and also help you attract visitors to your website.

Use long tail keywords:

Perhaps one of the details that guarantees you appear in search engine questions is to answer very specific things and this can only be achieved by using long-tail keywords.

Basically, what it is about is answering questions more like how can you improve your local SEO if you are a wine shop? Instead of answering How to improve you’re SEO? The first question is much more specific and focused on a niche.

Structure your content well:

The last tip is to make proper use of subheadings and lists within your content.

What do we mean? We simply indicate that it is much easier for search engines to position a fragment of your content when you separate them into brief paragraphs separated with tags (h2, h3, h6)

If you answer a question within one of these fragments, in a short way and applying the semantic web, it is more than certain that you will appear in this section.

Plugins you can use to appear on people also ask.

To finish, we will explain our 3 favorite plugins for WordPress, which can help you appear in Google’s related questions.

All in One Schema Rich Snippets: It is one of the most complete plugins to add structured data to your WordPress site and of course it includes the data related to the frequently asked questions, which is a way of indicating to the search engines that it is about content. Designed to solve doubts.

Yoast : This plugin not only helps with the SEO of your page; it also allows you to assign structured data to each content that you create automatically and guaranteeing that it meets all the parameters to stand out in the search engine.

Rank Math: It has become one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress, but best of all, it has individual areas to optimize each structured data, especially the FAQ.

Summary of the post and FAQ on People Also Ask:

What is people also ask?

People also ask, known in the Hispanic world as frequently asked questions or other questions from users.

It is a type of result that is displayed in search engines when consulting on a specific topic, person or activity.

What is the difference between a FAQ and a Featured Snippet?

Although both are considered structured data types, they are different.

A featured snippet is result 0 in a search engine and usually contains enough information to answer the user’s query.

On the other hand, a people also ask is a secondary question that helps to expand the user’s knowledge on the subject.


As you can see, the people also ask feature is another way to position your page within search engines, mainly Google. It is true that it will require a little more work perfecting the texts and descriptions of all your content, but it is a simple task because it is based on the proper use of keyword research and synonyms, in addition to giving a good structure to your posts.

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