We are in the digital age, where we are growing and coming up with the latest technology. There are thousands and thousands of apps being developed and downloaded from the Play Store. And recently, it ended up becoming a topic of debate, like which app is better, the Hybrid app or the PWA app? And like you, there are many who are willing to understand the difference between the two of them—Hybrid app Development Company Vs progressive web app development. 

If you’re willing to have one for your business, then you need to know a few of the differences between the two. And it can be tough for you to select which one is good for you and which is not. Every platform has its pros and cons. If you’re willing to select the right technology for your business, then make sure to make some choices and compare both to find which one suits your business best. 

Understand the Reason: What Sort of App Do You Want to Develop? 

Look at the requirements of your consumer. Check the overall needs: 

Operational Process  

Ask yourself a question. Whether you’re willing to target Android or iOS users, or do you want to target both? Do proper research and then come up with a solution, like which app will lower your development time and which will not. 

Curate Budget  

Every tech company has a diverse budget and deadlines. So, you have to make choices depending on your needs and what is required for your project. 

The Type of App 

When you are able to pick and select which sort of app you want to use, now it’s important to select the appropriate technology for your business and incorporate the one that is proficient for your business. 

Now, let’s delve deep into these terms and understand them aptly: Hybrid App vs. Progressive Web App Development 

Hybrid App 

In simple terms, a Hybrid app is a mix of both native and web apps. Developers use only a single code that can be used on both operating systems. And the codes are drafted in technologies like Angular, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The app is also not visible on the users’ browsers because it is embedded in the native app. 

Listing the Pros and Cons of the Hybrid App  

The Benefits 

  • Less development cost (can be used for developing on various platforms); 
  • Can be curated in a short time period; 
  • It’s easy to maintain; 
  • Because of the one codebase, you can easily incorporate new features; 
  • You can use the device’s features; 
  • Integrated with web-based services; 
  • Embedded browser;  
  • Can function online, subordinating the functionalities.  

The Limitations  

  • The tangled app has lots of features and runs slowly;  
  • Depends on the system’s security; 
  • New features lead to delays; 
  • With one base, it’s difficult to run smoothly on every platform; iOS or Android.  

PWA (Progressive Web Apps)  

In reality, a PWA is not an app; it’s an extension of a website. It can be installed like a website on a server and can be dropped on others in the form of URLs. It can be used on mobile devices. PWA also uses various features like GPS and a camera. It uses the framework languages Angular and React. 

The Benefits 

  • Can be used on various platforms and devices; 
  • Presented in online browsers; 
  • Rapid loading time; 
  • Can be operated offline; 
  • It’s affordable; 
  • fits every screen type 
  • Navigation is easy; 
  • There is no need for installation.  

The Limitations 

  • Hardware and operating systems have some restrictions; 
  • Faces trouble during integration; 
  • Performs unsteadily; 
  • Do not support Apple products seamlessly;  
  • Is not present in App stores; 
  • Requires extra battery power.  


Technology is improving on a daily basis, and the need for PWA apps and Hybrid apps is growing rapidly. You can select which app to use for the development process depending on your choices and preferences. Your budget and time constraints will help you decide which app to go for and which to neglect. If you’re looking for a developer who can develop either a PWA or a Hybrid app, then look no further than OrangeMantra, which is the best Progressive web app development company where we have experts who can deliver custom-based apps totally depending on your needs. Contact us, a Hybrid app development company, to get apt app.  

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