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14 Best Free SEO Chrome Extension Available in the Market.

It’s every business’s dream to appear on the top search results of any search engine. But for that, you need to have quality SEO-optimized content. The quality of content is in your hands but SEO optimization is not possible manually. You need certain tools for that. Here in this article, some extensions provided by Google Chrome, which are free of cost are discussed. These free SEO Chrome extension will help you to make your content SEO optimized.

AMP Validator

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Validator has open-source code which makes customization easy for users. This free SEO Chrome extension can be added to Chrome as an extension and check whether your pages are SEO optimized or not. If the pages aren’t SEO optimized then it will show a red signal on the extension icon. AMP also allows you to load your website quickly on mobile devices, which are generally slow on mobile phones.

Google Trends 

Building websites and integrating them with Google both require the usage of Google Webmaster Tools, a collection of extension tools. It gives analytics of the top searches of Google across the globe using graphs. Based on your searches. It helps you to identify the topics related to your work or interest.

SEO Quake

This SEO Chrome extension is in the form of a dashboard where there is a report of the domain’s performance and of individual pages. It has an SEO toolkit that allows users to see the keyword rank and analyze backlinks. Other features include on-page SEO suggestions, robust analytics, etc.

NinjaOutreach Lite

This SEO Chrome extension adds the feature of advanced data mining to browsers. You can check whether your webpage URLs, titles, links, meta descriptions, follower counts on social media, etc are meeting up the SEO criteria or not. It helps you in making them all SEO optimized.

SEO Minion

Through SEO Minion you can check on-page SEO data, highlight outgoing links, and check pages for broken links. 

Page Analytics by Google

This SEO Chrome extension offers the features of tracking SEO metrics like pageviews, average time on page, bounce rate, and active visitors. These help in improving Google’s ranking. You can also view your data directly from here. 


To perform better than others you need to look at and analyze the performance of your competitors also. You need to understand through what strategies they are excelling. To tackle this problem SimilarWeb SEO Chrome extension helps you to analyze any website and get details about its traffic numbers, bounce rates, etc.  It collects data from different internet service providers and site crawlers. Then it gives you access to view your competitor’s audience demographics, geographical location, and the amount that they spent on the advertisements. The most crucial and difficult task nowadays is to beat your competitors and SimilarWeb helps you with that.

SEO Peek

This SEO Chrome extension allows you to keep an eye on the factors related to the on-page SEO of your competitors or your own. This helps to keep our on-page SEO in place. Now you don’t need any website’s HTML source for that. It automatically makes visible the heading information, link tags, meta tags, etc. It helps to understand and analyze the HTTP status and meta robots.


Only on-page SEO will not generate traffic on your website. You need off-page SEOs as well. Off-page SEOs are the links of your website on other pages. A website cannot just rank well only by having quality SEO-optimized content, it has to have links on other websites as well as social media platforms. The Hunter extension finds all the valid email addresses associated with the domain of your choice.

OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

This extension helps you in analyzing the open structured data on your website. The structured data won’t be accessible until you study the HTML of the website. When it’s unlocked the data can be used for showing up widgets in Google, leading to a large number of clicks. It takes some time but with this extension, you can generate more clicks on your website.

Tag Assistant

It is an extension provided by Google. It is used to check the status of different Google tags on a particular webpage. While installing Google tags like Analytics, Tag Manager, etc it also performs the role of troubleshooter. It also checks whether the HTML tags have been properly placed in your code or not. In case of errors, it will notify you so that you can rectify them. 


As already discussed in order to be on the top of search results you just don’t have to focus on your content and SEO but you also need to look at the strategies of your competitors. The Wappalyzer is an extension offered by Google Chrome that lets you know the technologies used by any website. You can also detect analytics tools, server software, content management system, etc. You can learn from them and apply them on your website in order to excel.

Meta SEO Inspector

This extension will help you to find out whether your meta tags are properly set or not so that at the last moment you aren’t left with any SEO-related technical issues. If there’s any issue or something is missing the extension will prompt you to fix them. 

Redirect Path

This is used to check and fix technical SEO. Keeping all the links up to date and in proper functioning is very important for the proper working of your website. Redirect path extension makes sure that if a particular URL of your website isn’t working then the users aren’t taken to a 404 page, instead they are taken to some other URL. This extension checks whether your redirected pages are functioning properly or not.

Benefits of using SEO Chrome extensions-

  • Helps to optimize all on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.
  • Used to check and figure out the strategies and technologies used by your competitor.
  • You can do your keyword research to find out the best keywords that will push your page over the top of search results.
  • You can check your rank and the factors affecting it.
  • You can check all the metrics like traffic on your webpage, conversion rates of leads to customers, etc.


Nowadays in the era of digital marketing, it’s very crucial for businesses to make their pages appear on the top search results. This will not be achieved just by having quality content. The content should also be properly SEO optimized. Doing and checking them manually will take an ample amount of time and workforce. Therefore there are several extensions available in the market that can be attached to Google Chrome or even other browsers which will check for errors and make your content properly SEO optimized. Maximum of the SEO Chrome extensions are even free of cost hence your job has really become easy. Your only job is to create high-quality content. For every other aspect of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, SEO extensions are available.

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