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Start Planning Your Trip to Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has a plethora of intriguing locations to explore and activities to enjoy. No matter where you go in SLC, there are several activities to take part in and enjoy. This Utah region offers many hidden gems for you to explore beyond the top, most popular sites. Whatever you like or who you’re with, there’s something for everyone!

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Planning Your Trip to Salt Lake:

1. Clark Planetarium

One of the best things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah is to visit the Clark Planetarium, which is a great and engaging educational facility. Over 10,000 square feet of land are accessible for a variety of multimedia installations and activities throughout the park. You will be able to explore a free hall filled with interactive and educational exhibitions after you enter. You’ll forget you’re in Utah as you learn more about the Earth, the solar system, and the evolution of space exploration.

2. Eccles Theatre

Although the Eccles Theatre is a new addition to downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, it has already hosted many extraordinary and unique performances. When visiting for the weekend, both adults and children can find a performance to their satisfaction! The seats are plush and comfortable, making you feel like you’re always in the lap of luxury. Broadway musicals, bands, and comedians, as well as other Utah talents, have all performed at this Salt Lake City venue. 

3. Red Butte Garden

The Red Butte Garden is a nature centre and one of the top places to visit in Salt Lake City, Utah. On its 100-acre foundation, there are miles and miles of paths that meander through garden houses and can be followed for pleasure or fitness. The garden contains varied exhibits of fauna and plants throughout the year, making it a favourite Salt Lake City destination for nature lovers. It also has a botanical garden, an amphitheatre where concerts are held throughout the summer, and an arboretum. 

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4. Gilgal Sculpture Garden

The Gilgal Sculpture Garden is a magnificent marvel that provides a tranquil break from the nearby industries and homes. 12 original sculptures are also on display, as well as a statue of the Child himself! The child spent about two decades shaping Gilgal Sculpture Garden into the tranquil and interesting refuge it is today. It is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Salt Lake City!

5. Gallivan Center

Gallivan Centre is one of Salt Lake City’s most popular entertainment destinations, especially for nightlife. On a monthly basis, a varied range of performers perform at music festivals held in Salt Lake City’s downtown region. Some performers are from Utah or the United States in general, while others come from all over the world. June is an excellent time to visit Gallivan Centre since it hosts the best Blues music festival Salt Lake City – and the entire state – has to offer.

6. Tracy Aviary

The aviary is home to 400 different bird species from 135 different species, the bulk of which are endangered or uncommon. They are all housed in exhibits that are reproductions of their original ecosystems and habitats on an 8-acre block of land. If you appreciate birds, this aviary, which opened in 1938, is one of the best sites to visit! Many of these birds, like Chilean king vultures, are rarely seen in Salt Lake City.

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