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How To Build Self-Esteem And Overcome Vicarious Trauma?

Self-esteem is basically your general instinctive moral values. It is the showcase of what you think about yourself or how much value you give to yourself. Self-esteem affects your personal life as well as your professional life from good to evil and vice versa. Having high self-esteem is essential in professional life as it will result in your success because of your trustful judgments and qualities. There is a number of self-esteem courses online to build your self-confidence which you can take if you feel like you have decreased self-esteem.

Importance Of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem has an effect on your relationships, welfare, choice-making procedure, and emotional health. It inspires healthy and optimistic people to compete against new difficulties. A person with a

healthy self-esteem has the following features: ·         He considers his abilities ·         As he has a good relationship with himself, he can also continue a good relationship with other people associated with him. ·         He has his own suitable and practical assumptions. ·         He considers and shows his requirements. People that have low self-esteem are mostly uncertain about their choices and potential. They do not get inspired by new challenges as they think that they will be unsuccessful so they do not even try. They cannot show their needs and have trouble with relationships and feel obnoxious and underserving. Whereas people having extravagant self-esteem think that they are born to succeed and overstate their capabilities. They have problems with relationships and are unable to improve because they are obsessed with themselves and think that they are perfect. How To Boost Self-Esteem There are the following measures that you can take to boost your qualities: ·         Neutralize the negative thinking and analyze the distorted thoughts that affect your dignity. ·         Object negative thinking means that if you ever think about negative ideas, interfere

with the positive and practical ones.

·         Utilize positive self-suggestions by rehearsing to deliver positive assurance to yourself.

·         Make use of empathy by practicing forgiveness and forgetfulness for past mistakes and you can do this only by believing in yourself.

Low self-esteem causes mental illnesses like depression and anxiety which can be cured by seeking therapy which includes online or in-person psychotherapy, utilizing medicines, or both in some cases. Whereas in other cases, low self-esteem cannot be boosted because of reasons like childhood traumas, hereditary and character of a person.

What is Vicarious Trauma?

Vicarious trauma is also called secondary trauma because it also has a negative impact on the person who is helping the one dealing with the trauma. Therapists are at the most risk of getting vicarious trauma so it is best for them to not be too sympathetic in their profession.


People behave in different ways to vicarious trauma meaning that some people are more damaged than others and show many symptoms including:

·         Emotional Symptoms

This can include an ongoing impression of sorrow and anxiety by which some people get irritated easily and become moody or have changed their sense of humor. They feel like they are unprotected and get zoned out frequently.

·         Behavioral Symptoms

This includes separation and increased use of alcohol and other drugs which leads to sleeping and eating problems. People suffering from vicarious trauma separate themselves from the people and mostly cannot distinguish between personal and professional life which makes it difficult for them to complete their tasks on time.

·         Physiological Symptoms

These symptoms are indicated when the trauma affects the physical health of a person in the form of burning, headaches, ulcers, rashes, and other allergies.

·         Cognitive Symptoms

This includes negativity and suspicions that makes it difficult to concentrate, decide something, and remember. The person with this symptom cannot stop recalling the agony which the person faced.

·        Spiritual Symptoms

A person with this symptom feels like there is no hope or motive in life which makes him isolate himself from every other person. The person also feels that he is not worthy of love and his life has no meaning.

How To Overcome Vicarious Trauma?

To overcome vicarious trauma, the very first step for you is to stop thinking about the person who was once traumatized and acknowledges that you are not the only one who is suffering, and start caring about your mental and physical health. For this purpose, start by ensuring that you are eating healthy, have a proper sleeping schedule, and exercise daily. Keep yourself busy in activities that make you happy and think about therapy. You should get out of your room and start socializing with your family and friends, go out with them, and talk about life.

Final Thought

If you are sincere with your life and want to conquer your trauma, you should start looking for self-esteem courses online and start having fun and being happy.

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