Moonga which is commonly known as Red Coral is one of the rare gemstones which is known for its origin. Found in the depths of the oceans, this gemstone is one of its kind.

Due to its power and astrological significance, this stone is highly known all over the world. The ruling planet of the Moonga stone is Mars. Astrologers suggest that anyone who has a Mangal Dosh that is negative effects of Mars in their birth chart should wear this gemstone.

An original red coral stone will neutralize the negative effects as well as fill the life of the wearer with positivity. Along with it, there are many other benefits of wearing a red coral, which we have mentioned below for you to know.

Read all The Moonga stone benefits below to know how this stone will advantage you and why you should consider buying it.

Astrological Significance of the Moonga Stone

The Moonga stone contains the fiery power of the water. With cool and calm abilities, it also has the power to make turbulence. That means that this stone will give you the confidence that you need to make your desired goals come true.

Other benefits of the Moonga stone are as follows:

  • It protects you from nightmares and helps get better sleep.

  • Bringing you luck, this stone will help you grow and get success. The energy of this stone will help you overcome obstacles in your way.

  • Financially, this stone will help you reduce your debts and will give you financial stability. It will also give you financial security.

  • The red coral is also known to increase the self-confidence of the wearer. It enhances communication skills and public speaking skills. Also, it increases the self-belief to take actions that are required to get success in your career.

  • Providing you with strength and courage, the Moonga gemstone will also reduce your fears.

The red coral stone also increases love and harmony between relationships and hence it is recommended to people who are having conflicts and misunderstandings among their loved ones.

Spiritual Benefits of the Moonga Stone

The Moonga stone is a rare gem that is found in the depths of water and is made of marine creatures. Therefore, it is believed that this stone contains the coolness, depth as well as strength or power of the water.

Hence, spiritually this stone will help you on your journey. It will open up your senses and psychic abilities. Enlightening you towards the spiritual path, this stone will calm your mind and help you keep your thoughts under control.

The stone also helps in increasing your focus and concentration while meditating. It brings you a sense of pure relaxation and helps you meet your inner higher consciousness.

Furthermore, decreasing anxiety, and stress in your life the Moonga will give you mental stability and clarity.

Health Benefits of the Moonga Stone 

The red coral gemstone aka Moonga also has physical healing properties which is why it is quite valued.

The energy flow of this stone will heal you from many diseases as well as protect you from injuries and accidents.

Also, it will maintain your health, increase your physical stamina and your energy levels.

Regulating blood pressure, and blood circulation, this stone will also strengthen your heart.

Additionally, the red coral gemstone will cure any problems related to the skeletal health, and respiratory system.

Moonga Stone Price 

The price of Moonga stone in India starts from the range of INR 550 per carat to INR 20000 per carat. But it can go higher than the mentioned value based on a number of factors. These factors which vary the cost of the gemstone are the cut, color, clarity, and carat. Other than these, the quality and origin of the stone also affect the price of the Moonga.

Wrapping Up 

Moonga is one of the Navratans, the nine most powerful gemstones found on Earth. With immense astrological significance, long history, and belief, the saying goes that the Moonga stone has the power to influent the life of its wearer.

Being one the most powerful gemstone of all time along with its solid red color, this stone is widely popular. Often it is crafted into beads to make jewelry pieces.

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