Congratulations! You have finally decided to get into fitness and go to the gym. However, do you know what to wear to the gym? Your gym wear can greatly impact your drive to keep going to the gym and how well you can work out.

If you have no clue where to start, we have a list of everything you will need for your first day at the gym. Here is a list of the most important things to have before your first day at the gym.

A Sports Bra

Top on the list is a sports bra. You do not wear an ordinary padded bra when going to the gym since it will not sit well with intense physical activities. A sports bra is designed to hold everything in its place and reduce movement around the bust area without crushing your ribcage.

The right sports bra is made of breathable and comfortable material so that it is okay to workout in. it ensures that the sweat is wicked out to ensure that you are not wet through the workout sessions. A good sports bra is supportive and will help prevent uncomfortable bounce and spillage as you manoeuvre the different workout routines.

A Moisture Wicking T-Shirt

A good gym session will end with a tell-tale of sweat patches. You want to wear a sweat-wicking top to ensure you are comfortable during workouts. You can choose any length of sleeves that you are comfortable with. However, you must pay close attention to the material the t-shirt is made of.

Ensure you choose a t-shirt that dries quickly and does not stick to the skin when wet. Since the t-shirt dries fast, it will not develop a stinking odor due to sweat.

A Post Workout Jacket

A sports jacket will be handy when you want to run an errand after your gym session before showering and changing your office or home clothes. You can opt for a light stylish, and breathable jacket. Post work out jackets are stylish and comfortable to wear during all seasons.

Leggings or Sweatpants

You can decide to work out in stretchy leggings or comfortable sweatpants. It all depends on your preference and what you are comfortable with. If you go with baggy sweatpants, wear a stretchy pair to allow you to take part effectively during your workout session.

Tights or leggings are flexible to allow you to move however you want. They are perfect for your morning run and weight lifting at the gym. They will allow you to be comfortable while burning those calories.

Get A Proper Shoe

You know that you should not be in heels or sandals and the gym. However, you need to learn how to choose the proper shoe for the gym. Ensure your gym shoes are comfortable enough to ensure they are not bad for your feet. The shoes you have on will affect the quality of your workout. A quality shoe will help you balance, support your arches and run better. 

Minimal Makeup

I am sure you know you should go easy on the makeup when going to the gym. You do not want to overdo your makeup while at the gym. If you have a full face of makeup, you might be worried about your makeup smudging the entire time.

Makeup can also clog your pores and sometimes cause acne because of sweating. This can open you up to a host of problems you might not have to deal with. It would be best to wear little to no makeup at the gym.

You might feel very anxious about the first day at the gym. However, your first day working out will make you feel accomplished and exhilarated. Make sure you prepare well and are comfortable.Posh Omega is the leading activewear brand in the UAE with luxurious and budget-friendly activewear. They have various activewear for all ladies of different shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Visit their website to see the vast catalog.

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