Dental fillings are a common procedure, yet people are unaware of varying options. Teeth whitening is another treatment people want to know all about. There is a growing need for a straighter and whiter smile, and the question is, “what’s the possibility of getting dental fillings whitened?”

This is what we will talk about in today’s post. Keep reading.

Many varying whitening treatments for dental fillings

Having teeth whitening is not simple. The dentist will start the treatment at their office and prescribe some at-home the patient will continue to use. Do you know that a whitening kit may follow a patient home? Yes. A great smile is an added boost to self-confidence. However, not everyone has got natural white teeth. Some persons have received dental treatment, including fillings, crowns and veneers.

Zero damage

Today’s teeth whitening with fillings is wonderful as the options don’t threaten dental restorations. This implies that these treatments: dental bonding, fillings, veneers and the likes are sturdy. For instance, the porcelain used to design veneers and composite for dental fillings is highly resistant so much so that even the toughest whitening treatment has no impact on them.

It is great to know that your dental filling won’t get hurt from whitening, but bear in mind that the best whitening treatment may not make a dental filling brighter. This is why patients whose fillings have natural teeth colour will see a change post-whitening. So replacing your filling may be necessary to notice a difference.

Meticulous planning

A great plan should be put in place to fill a cavity or replace a dental filling. The cavity must be first treated for someone who has a cavity but needs bleached teeth. With this done, the teeth can be toned to be brighter than their original shade. When the whitening has been done, there will be a blending of the dental fillings and teeth.

The problem with this procedure is to get the right shade of the dental fillings. Teeth whitening outcome for everybody is not the same. With as little as 4 shades, some people can see whiter teeth. For others, they need to go 8 shades to achieve brighter teeth. For this reason, you need to get the services of a qualified dentist. Using their experience, an expert dentist can achieve an applaudable percentage of whiteness for dental fillings.

Over two decades, there has been improvement in teeth whitening products, yet they are not powerful enough to tone up dental fillings. It is believed that someday, this will be achievable even as dental tech and materials see advancement. Here and now, no solution is apparent. No eyebrows may be raised if a tooth-coloured dental cavity is present on the molars.

Possible risks

While some teeth whiteners may not alter dental fillings’ colour, others may effect a change that is not desired. Note that these changes don’t destroy the restorative treatment, but its hardness may be affected. This is to say that microscopically, there may be an increased risk of having very slight leakages. Where there are such issues and others, please your dentist should be informed.

Your smile can be beautiful

Dental fillings may not be altered by teeth whitening, but your smile can get a lot better. Your appearance and self-esteem will be great when you have straight white teeth. Would you like a smile improvement? Feel free to visit our website to book an appointment for teeth whitening in London for your better dental smile, and we would be very happy to help you.

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